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What I'm working on at the moment

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

A writers work is never really finished, we just get it to the most generally accepted level of comprehension and then hope for the best.

Teasers for upcoming books and current unpublished manuscripts will be in endless supply here. My imagination keeps firing the stories out and bringing the characters to life. It's hard for the world of publishers to keep up with me.

“Sweetheart please, I'm eighty-three years old. The only tall, dark and handsome stranger in my future is death.”

The above is one of my favourite lines from one of my current works. It takes place as an older woman has her palm read by a fortune teller. The story coming together is about the angel of death finding love.

Current in the works manuscripts

'The Fox's Revenge.' The much anticipated sequel to 'The Fox and the Firefly.'

'Study of Sarasvati.' Soulmates meet in the most unconventional way.

'House of Fallen Angels.' Follows a foster mother and her inspirational work with children.

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