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What I’m reading now

Does anyone else have the problem of there being so many books to read and so little time?

I love to read, and I love to write. The only thing stopping me from doing nothing but reading all day everyday for the rest of my life is this pesky little thing called reality. I love to get lost in an adventure and fall in love with my sworn enemy. So I try to read as much as I can, being a writer as well I appreciate the heart and soul of the book. I can almost feel what the author went through to create it and sometimes it makes the journey so profound.

“Have you ever gotten so into a book one night that you've looked up at some stage and thought you've left a light on in the hallway, only to discover its daylight? ...... I have.”

So I've been trying to read young adult intended books at the moment as that is the current genre I'm trying to reach. However I have taken a break to read a more grown up title.

Current Reading List

At the moment I find myself reading 'Darker' by E.L.James

A spin off the second book in the best selling 'Fifty Shades' trilogy, this is set through the eyes of the main character - Christian Grey. The ability of the author to go back and re-think her works through the eyes of the male lead intrigued me enough to buy this book.

An international sensation and a person guilty pleasure. It's as bravely written as the original books and leaves the reader feeling completely satisfied (pardon the pun). Being able to get into the head of the mysterious Mr. Grey is many girls dreams, I recommend you join me on this discovery if you liked the original story.

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