• Riley

Caught up with Covid - 19

I know we're all living in a strange world at the moment and I can't encourage you more to practice social distancing. However social distancing and self isolation for readers isn't the hardship it has been for some.

We can still have grand adventures with all our favourite friends/ characters from the safety of our own homes. We can fall in love with a stranger on a train as we snuggle up in our pajamas. We can attend high society events from our very own living rooms. To still be able to explore with my imagination during this time has been a blessing.

So feel sorry for all those out there who really are trapped, those who lack imagination. People who truly are bound within walls right now. We're the lucky ones, because with our imaginations and love of good books, we will never truly be isolated from any world.

So enjoy your adventures my friends, catch up with childhood favourites and explore the dark jungles of Africa. Have a romance with a stranger on resort island. Laugh with stories from others. Just stay home while you do so.

I never feel truly isolated or alone as long as I have a good book in my hands.

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