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Book Release. Cowboy Boots & Combat Boots 


I'm happy to announce that after a much anticipated wait,  Cowboy Boots & Combat Boots has officially gone live on the immersive reading app Galatea. A huge thanks to the amazing publishing team at Inkitt for making my novel the latest addition to the Galatea universe. Please note that due to various disruptions to publishing houses because of Covid -19, the traditional publications of this novel may not be available until late 2021. I will keep you updated on that news. However don't let that stop you from experiencing Cowboy Boots & Combat Boots in a very interactive form through the Galatea app. Available from the app store and google play.  


Author Appearances.


Currently there are no planned author appearances or book signings. Watch this space for any changes.


Teasers for unpublished works.


The Fox's Revenge - the much anticipated sequel to 'The Fox and the Firefly' 

After the cliff hanger that 'The Fox and the Firefly' finished on, fans will be thrilled to follow Mason on his search for Ruby.  But will their reunion be all that he has dreamed it would be or become a new nightmare he has to fight through once again to save the love of his life?