Below are my published works now available to the public. Books are available for purchase from key booksellers Amazon (UK and US) and Waterstones online sites. If you would like to buy any of the books, simply click the link underneath the book description and you will be taken to the Amazon site to complete the purchase. 

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Cowboy Boots & Combat Boots

 Link returns home from service haunted and broken. Ready to face his demons, and his parents disapproval at discharging from the army. Link wants a taste of the freedom that he's been fighting so long for. When he stumbles upon a goddess in a bar one night he realizes exactly what it is that his heart has been missing. But this goddess Lexi has demons of her own. Can they find a way to be each others freedom?

Please note that at this time, this novel is only available on the immersive reading app Galatea by Inkitt. I will keep you posted on the availability of the traditional publications when they become available for purchase. 

Seraphina's Fall


Seraphina is not a normal individual. She is an avenging angel and guardian of the mortals. She battles not with mortals but with the forces of darkness. When Seraphina learns something terrifying about her future in a dream, it changes her life forever. Following a devastating loss, she is sent on a mission to guide a vampire hunter but she has no idea of how her future will be shaped by this mission.


Seraphina’s Fall is a fast-paced action novel. The story tests the character’s limits of love and friendships and leads to the ultimate battle between good and evil and light and darkness.

The Fox and the Firefly


Mason Harris, an FBI agent forever transformed by both physical and emotional scars, has all but settled into the daily motions of a life unlived, until his latest undercover assignment delivers him to the sweltering city of New Orleans and to a fiery redhead.

Masons assignment to quietly probe into the doings of a dangerous Russian mafia family soon leads him to Ruby, a bartender at The Red Fox, the club the Nolikovs own and allegedly use as a front for all their business. Immediately mesmerized by Rubys sensual spell, Mason attempts to focus on his surveillance operation and remain undiscovered, but it is not long before he falls hard for her. As the Nolikovs continue down an evil path, now all Mason has to do is determine whether Ruby is really the woman of his dreams or the object of his undoing. But what he does not know is that very soon, their destiny will be decided during one final showdown with the Russians.

The Fox and the Firefly is the riveting tale of an FBI agent as he navigates through the uncertain waters of his passionate relationship with a fiery bartender while attempting to take down a Russian mafia family.